Friday, December 7, 2007

Piano Diagram

this instrument first sparked my interest because I've noticed a growing trend of piano driven ambient music. What is it about this classical instrument that contemporary experimental musicians find so interesting?

Then, over Thanksgiving weekend my great-aunt Charlotte gifted me a broken piano hammer. When I was 12 she hired me to remove a forlorn piano from her home. There was a good deal of smashing and pre-teen angst involved with its' removal. Not once in the past 18 years did I notice that Charlotte kept one piano hammer pinned up with her collection of presidential campaign buttons.


Creative Catharsis said...

piano-driven ambient music: Search my brother, infinitelaughter, on YouTube. If you remember how I look, you'll know which man he is. :)

I used to sit in the livingroom when the piano tuner came. It's kind of jarring to listen to, but I like it. And it fine-tunes the musician's ear. And it's fun to see inside a piano. Have you looked inside one?

Cole Pierce said...

Yep. I've also smashed one to little tiny bits. Thanks for the comment Rachel.