Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NUMBERS.FM Playlist 03.28.12

Nix the playlist! NUMBERS.FM broadcaster got buggy and put a 3 minute loop/delay on every 20 seconds of audio I played. So I made and impromptu live set of my own material.

Quite night of experimental radio docs, field recordings, and ambient music.

Shoals 11:28 Taylor Deupree
MURIEL (bouncé) 20:20
Meroo Lake Pt. 1 5:18 Seaworthy & Matt Rosner
blue john cave 3:27 Mari Saastamoinen
Cliffs 9:42 Mirroring
Caroline bor⁄ale 5:11 Jerome Joy
Radiator Peace 5:46 billy gomberg + offthesky
04.l2rd 7:24 Asmus Tietchens
Clay cameras 8:57 Keith de Mendonca
Sunflower Tk2 1:20 Cole Pierce
frog chorus, Australia 3:00 Hannu Jannes
Tacana 2:53 Antony Milton
Minuet - Original Mix 10:00 Stephan Mathieu
animate structures #4 (marin headlands) 15:10 John Grzinich
hot cocoa maker 2:56 Cole Pierce
Large Wolf Pack #2 1:50 Timberwolf in the Tall Pines
Chalk 9:16 Kane Ikin +David Wenngren

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


A single-evening exposition and offering of audio multiples
Thursday, April 5
8:30 pm – 10:30 pm

Back room of The California Clipper
1002 N. California Ave.

Jon Bollo, Stephanie Burke, EC Brown, Chris Hefner, Andrea Jablonski, George Larson, Bruce Neal, Catie Olson, Cole Pierce, Christopher Smith, Ralph Syverson, Brian Wadford.

ASCII (Archeospiritist Study and Consortion Initiative, Illinois) is an event where participants are entrusted to uphold the following 3 core specifications:

1. An edition of artifacts shall be created, to be distributed freely.
2. Editions must involve recorded audio.
3. Attire shall always be elegant.

In addition, participants are entreated to observe a prompt (in lieu of an articulated curatorial theme) from Caroline Picard, which is a writing inspired by Marion Laval-Jeantet’s “May the Horse Live in Me” ( as well as her video selection (

Furthermore, recommended specifications are made available to the participants, as well as participant-sourced specification extensions. Information at

Event guests are not subject to specifications nor sanctions, but elegant apparel is always enjoyed by all.

About ASCII:
ASCII is a specification platform designed to elevate our personal, mundane rituals of audio data trafficking to a dedicated craft and an etiquette.

Photos from ASCII 1:
Photos from ASCII 2: