Monday, February 16, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nelson Will Take Over From Now On, side B

Side B of Tyler Carter's mixtape Nelson Will Take Over From Now On (circa 2002). 55 minute mp3 zipped and uploaded to sendspace. idm, downtempo, hip-hop tinged. download it here.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Charles Dickens, David Copperfield


I did not allow my resolution, with respect to the Parliamentary Debates, to cool. It was one of the irons I began to heat immediately, and one of the irons I kept hot, and hammered at, with a perseverance I may honestly admire. I bought an approved scheme of the noble art and mystery of stenography (which cost me ten and sixpence); and plunged into a sea of perplexity that brought me, in a few weeks, to the confines of distraction. The changes that were rung upon dots, which in such a position meant such a thing, and in such another position something else, entirely different; the wonderful vagaries that were played by circles; the unaccountable consequences that resulted from marks like flies' legs; the tremendous effects of a curve in a wrong place; not only troubled my waking hours, but reappeared before me in my sleep. When I had groped my way, blindly, throught these difficulties, and had mastered the alphabet, which was an Egyption Temple in itself, there then appeared a procession of new horrors, called arbitrary characters; the most despotic characters I have ever known; who insisted, for instance, that a thing like the beginning of a cobweb, meant expecation, and that a pen and ink sky-rocket stood for disadvantageous. When I had fixed these wretches in my mind, I found that they had driven everything else out of it; then, beginning again, I forgot them; while I was picking them up, I dropped the other fragments of the system; in short, it was almost heart-breaking.

pp 444-445

Friday, February 6, 2009

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Nelson Will Take Over From Now On, side A

Tyler Carter mixtape, circa 2002. This is side A. Nelson's Mandate, 55 min mp3 zipped and uploaded to sendspace. Side B will be available next week. If you listened to the first T.Carter mixtape, you know the drill: idm, indie rock, clever interludes, spoken word samples. Download it here.

Monday, February 2, 2009

About LD . . .

Alas, I digitized a Tyler Carter mixtape for you.
idm, post-rock circa 2001, sprinkled with TC's
bedroom turntablism. Richard Nixon samples
galore. Download a .zip from sendspace here:
Check out Tyler's blog: iwantedtowriteanemail


floppydisc3, originally uploaded by colepierce.

dipped in oil paint