Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Exciting News

I was excited to learn that Murcof was from Tijuana and there was possibly a minimalist electronic music scene in Tijuana, Mexico. It was about the same time that I had visited Ajo, Arizona which is a dusty desert border town abandoned by a copper mining company who refused to settle a worker strike 70 years ago. The atmosphere reminded me of dirty ambient music. Dry and textured. At this time I was also reading about a bunch of political art sprouting up around Tijuana and the US/Mexico border. I started to wonder whether or not a strife ridden geographic location was the impetus of both abstract audio art and public political art. Tijuana could be an example of a situation that was inciting both escapism as well as protest. But Murcof no longer resides in his hometown of Tijuana, where he was part of the Nortec Collective (which sucks like a club chill out room). He didn't make brilliant music until he moved to Barcelona. Another theory out the window.

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Carl Sagan said...

How about the "Movin' to Europe" theory? You got one of those? It's probably got more "aesthetic" insparation compard to the "doped-out" inspartation of Mex, but I hear they roll their J's with tabacco in 'em--we call em halfies and i can't chief 'em because their too harsh--so the"zone-out-factor" that goes with the ambient music and drugs and the desert might be there, but the "refining-my-shit-and-conversing-
dope-factor" might not be.?